The team at M&M Studios

From the Director to the Sound Man, the entire team at M&M Studios are crucially important to ensure a smooth and slick operation on set. Feel free to click on any of the people below to learn a little more about how they help when it comes to a production.

chris usher

Chris Usher

. . .Artistic Director, Producer
and Co - Founder of M&M Studios

As our Artistic Director and one of the joint co-founders of the M&M Studios Film Group, Chris is the backbone of M&M. He can be found working almost 24/7; on a current project or planning the next one. Both his creativity and hard work are respected and greatly revered throughout our team.

Chris quickly fell into his role of Artistic Director as he is always one to lead others. He knows where to add that little bit extra and tweak this and that to make something perfect - this is a very defining feature of how important Chris is, to both the company and to every production: large or small.

Due to Chris’s love of cinematography, the company has developed into much more than a hobby. He has put everything into it and we see this reflected in the products that arise from M&M. Without Chris, we wouldn’t have the Studio, let alone be where we are today.

megan de bell

Megan de Bell

. . .Artistic Designer, Producer
Actress and Co - Founder of M&M Studios

As our Artistic Designer and one of the joint co-founders of the M&M Studios Film Group, Meg has contributed that little bit extra to the life blood of the Studio. As a full time producer and part time writer for M&M, Meg is a great asset to the entire management of the group.

When she co-founded the studio with joint co-founder Chris Usher in 2007, Meg quickly assigned herself with the role of Artistic Designer (costume and makeup design) alongside her management and production roles within the studio. With her enthusiastic approach to these aspects of the studios life, she has proven to be a key pillar in its structure.

Out of her work with the studio, her love for screen acting has flourished and she has been seen in such leading roles as ‘The Librarian’ in the 2014 M&M Studios Short Film - ‘Wonderland’.

larry wyatt

Larry Wyatt

. . .Assistant Producer
and Cameraman for M&M Studios

As a member of the production team at M&M Studios and one of our camera men, Larry has proven to be a competent and helpful addition to the efficient group at M&M Studios. He joined us in 2011 and since then has offered insightful and professional advice for both on and off set topics and projects.

With his work on the 2014 short film - ‘Wonderland’, Larry has proven that he is a competent, fast learning, professional worker who is able to adapt to any condition of any kind. He helps to form the strong backbone of the studio.

hannah burd

Hannah Burd

. . .Assistant Producer
and Makeup Artist for M&M Studios

Hannah joined M&M in 2009 and since then has been tasking herself with a handful of important roles within the group. Acting and make up design, costume and production - she has contributed insightful judgement and concepts that have been put to fantastic use. Her most recent job working on the 2014 short, ‘Wonderland’ has tasked her with both the production and work sides of the project as well as her appearance playing the role of The Red Queen.

Among a few other roles in different productions Hannah’s main piece of work with the company so far has been ‘Come on Eileen’ - an unreleased short where she was a great help in both production, costume design and performing her role as the main character, ‘Eileen’.

Over all, Hannah has taken on many assistant production roles in both released and unreleased projects.

ben pond

Ben Pond

. . .Set up Team
and Sound man for M&M Studios

As a member of our on-set team and an experienced stage actor, Ben adds a tremendous amount of character to the face of the studio. With his work as a sound man on such shorts as ‘Wonderland’ (2014) and the unreleased short ‘Come on Eileen’ (2013), Ben has displayed both charisma and professionalism in his on-set work.

Since his joining of the studio in early 2013, he has proven to be an extremely helpful member of the studio, always there when needed and always ready to take on new tasks. We hope to keep him as the fantastic member of the studio he is, as time goes on.


Ollie Catterall

. . .Production Team
and Director's Assistant for M&M Studios

After joining us in 2013 as a young budding assistant, Ollie quickly became very familiar to the processes of work that are required on-set at an M&M Studios production. Throughout 2013, Ollie aided the studio in minor background roles to do with both pre and post production. He truly flourished in early 2014 while working on set at the M&M Studios short film ‘Wonderland’. While working there, Ollie became directors assistant to Wonderlands director Chris Usher and very quickly became a great asset to the entire on-set team.

With his ability to carry out any request fast and efficiently, Ollie is truly a part of what makes the on-set team at productions work slickly and seamlessly.


Matt Catterall

. . .Cameraman
and Actor for M&M Studios

Matt joined us in 2007, when we first started. He has since played a different selection of roles, including a role in a quite recent unreleased short ‘Come on Eileen’.

He first began as an actor in our team but has now progressed from that and has taken on the role of part time cameraman. Matt is very important and a great help in the set up of any production. In M&M he is a great asset.