Who are we?

M&M Studios is a production company that focuses on delivering good quality cinematography. Founded in 2007, we have grown from a hobby driven organization to a well established film company.

A Brief History...

When initially started in 2007 by joint co-founders Megan de Bell and Chris Usher, the studios focus point was very different from what it is now. During the production of our first couple of short films, the emphasis was much more on capturing ideas rather than creating artistic and impressively filmed pieces.

However, in 2011 when the original concept for the ongoing project ‘Rose’ was developed, the focus point changed. At that point it became much more important to us to create something of elegance and beauty. At that point it became more than just about capturing the story. At that point, the true M&M Studios was created.

Since then, M&M Studios has strived to create the very best that we can achieve and will continue to do so with all of our projects as time goes on.

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