This page is designed to give you a good overview of our methods and work. We'll tell you about our team and how we create a movie from start to finish.

On Set...

Preparing the site is a painstaking sand challenge part of filming. Every aspect of the scene must be perfectly right for the shot to be what is required by the director. This means that props must be correct, costumes must be correct, lighting must be correct and actors must all come together exactly as outlined in the script. Many of the roles of the crew are tasked with getting the set right and there are specialist activities to ensure that each element is consistent from scene to scene.

Busy Hands...

Both on and off set there are many jobs which have to be carried out in order for the finished product to be exactly what was envisioned at first. This means there are lots of important jobs to be carried out during the many different stages of a productions life.
The Producer is the most crucial job on set. He or she can often create the initial idea for a film but is always the driving force that gets things rolling. He/she is tasked with hiring the director, Assistant producers, Writers, Casting and more and is then required to push the entire operation along. Depending on what kind of producer you are dealing with, he/she can be tasked with arrange settings, scenes, equipment, money or all the behind scene jobs that form the sturdy backbone of any on-set operations.
The Director, is, again, one of the most important roles. His/her role is to drive the entire on-set performance on, while ensuring perfection and continuity in the shots that are captured. From the make-up to the deliverance, his is required to ensure that the image that is being captured is as perfect as possible and that if anything is wrong in any shape or form, it is fixed and the shot re-filmed. When it comes to being on-set, the director is in charge and what he/she says, goes because for it is the director that has been entrusted by the producer to ensure that the production is as perfect and true to the screenplay as possible. It is truly the director that has the artistic eye and truly knows how the shot should look.
Writers, are the magicians behind the tricks. They are responsible for turning a budding idea into an awesome reality. When a producer comes to them with a concept for a storyline, the writers will take it in and convert it into the magical screenplay that goes on to become the film. They create all the witty dialogues, dramatic scenes and emotional moments that meld together into one adventurous story that then gets sent on to the post production team and from there, the on set team. Effectively, they create the most important part of the film; the entertainment.
Camera Men/Women are crucial to actually getting some useable footage. They take care in making sure cameras are steady and that sound and lighting are just right for the shots. With their tremendous physical skills, the camera men/woman are able to maintain stead and professional shots that fit the exact orders of the director, no matter how difficult or unusual. It is their job to make sure that whatever is to do with the camera is covered so that the director doesn’t have to worry about it.
Sound Men/Women are vital to the onset team. They are responsible for ensuring sound quality is good and that proportions are correct and un-interrupted. They are required to follow the directors orders specifically for it is the director who knows what should be hear at any given time. if the director says it isn't right, it isn't right and the sound man/woman is required to change it until it is.
Costume and Prop designers are a crucial part of the work that is done both on and off set. With their busy hands working in the background, ensuring accuracy and continuity of props and costume, these skilled workers enable the processes on set to move slickly and efficiently. With their superb eyes for design, the costume and prop artists are almost one of the hidden gems of a films production.
Make-up artists are very similar to costume designers, ensuring continuity and accuracy of appearance. This can be in both subtle and obvious make up. The make up artists are required to make the actor look suitable/correct for any kind of scene, wether they are injured (an injury); going to a social occasion (normal make up e.g lip stick); or maybe even when the actor is playing some hideous creature. it is the job of the make up artist to make the actor look just as the director envisions his or her character.
And of-course, Actors. Everything that the behind the scenes do is in the end to assist the actors; wether its the Director telling them what to do or the Make Up Team making them look just right. As the ones who are actually on camera a lot of preparation is done for them - through their acting, if done well, we see just how important that preparation is. It is the job of the actors and actresses to make the film worth watching, they are after all the stars of the show.