House of Games NOT RELEASED

The House of Games is a horror feature film based originally on the play written and directed by Janine Sharp. It tells us the story of a group of five kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween who find themselves trapped in an old abandoned house except its not just any abandoned house because as time goes on, they find they’re not alone.

The children stood there, staring, taking in their surroundings. They could feel cool wafts of air beating agains their faces which made their imprisonment yet more unbearable. The room was perfectly quite and coated in what looked almost like a great pristine veil of thick stone-dust, presumably from the houses fifty years of neglects. From what could be distinguished of the shapes that loomed out from beneath the veil, caught by the moonlight streaming between boards that covered the windows, the children worked out that they had stumbled across the old nursery that Tim had spoken to them about.
In an instant their attention was turned from examining the room to timidly pondering over, what appeared to be, a life-size doll presiding the space in the far corner of the room. ‘She moved!’ Ben yelped out and as the children turned to mock him for being his stereotypical self they quickly fell silent as they too had seen what Ben had spoken of.
Sure enough the dolls rickety old limbs jerkily began to strain themselves into life, dust fluttering off of them like gentle billowing clouds.
The children stood petrified and once again silence was bestowed upon the room. However, this silence was soon to be broken, for, as the the dust from the doll settled once more, this time upon the ground, her old porcelain mouth began to move and she began to sing...


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